I'm hungry for more

I am absolutely predictable down to the last second.  You can be sure that most of the time (any given time) I am thinking, planning, digesting or actually masticating some sort of food source.  I have one of the most insatiable appetites I know, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.  There is something emotionally drawing to food.  I have so many memories and triggers surrounding it that every time I partake, I’m transported to another place or time.  As a family, we have a saying, “we do our best eating when we’re full.”  And this is not only true, but a feeling that we pine for.  I am never more content than when I am so full that it makes me feel sluggish.  Like I’ve been hit with a tranquilizer dart and life itself seems to be stuck in some sort of time warp where speed and agility are cut in half.  Each genre of food relates to the mood I’m in.  When I miss the simplicity of childhood, I crave grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, or ramen noodles, or peanut butter and jelly.  When I feel that no one takes me seriously I tend to crave dishes with shallots and reductions of wine , or slow roasted meats.  Then there are times when the drama of my daily life seems overwhelming, and a one pot meal will only do; normally a stew or chili that fills and satisfies with the aroma alone.  Of course chocolate is necessary when I desire a sense of indulgence, and blended fruit drinks when I want to feel refreshed and active.  Spices for the fall and winter, and fresh herbs for the spring and summer.  There are combinations and flavors that seem innate and necessary when the temperatures change.  I know for some this seems like a big unhealthy relationship with something that is supposed to be viewed as survival and maintainance, but for me it seems so much more.  I think I’ll go fix a cup of tea and some sliced cheddar and apples for further contemplation…

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