Here comes Santa Clause

Remember the anticipation and joy that Santa Clause caused when you first heard about him?  There was magic and excitement when his name was mentioned.  And you were extra careful during the holidays because you knew he was watching.  You’d stay up all night Christmas eve, until your eye lids were burning and heavy from trying to keep them open.  I was the one that actually thought the Santa at the mall was the real one.  I believed that he was the one and only Santa Clause, and I’d whisper real quiet to him what I wanted, smiled big for my picture in the dress my mom picked out with gaudy accessories that were white and red.  I didn’t ever understand why the kids in line cried when they sat on his lap.  Why would you cry in front of Santa?  He knows when you’re good and bad, why make him angry and cry and scream when you’re right in front of him?  This is because I love the feeling of hope.  You could have brought me to the town bar, where an old, fat, bearded man named Carl went everyday.  He’d be drunk on PBR’s and shot’s of Jack, and if you told me that fellow with the bad smoker’s breath  was Santa himself, I’d believe you.  He’s round and has a beard.  He is in fact, St. Nicholas. 

Even now, the sight of snow, and green and red lights, ornaments, wreaths and mistletoe, bring back the anxious arrival of Christmas.  I want the smell of cinnamon and cloves in my hair, and the drawl of tryptophan and dressing to stick to my tongue.  I don’t care if it’s overdone or cheesy, it makes me feel good and I look forward to it.  So if you’re a grinch, stay crabby and in your home in your nice warm slippers.  I don’t even want to see your scowl on the road.  And I hope that you do get a lump of coal in your stocking, you deserve it for being such a prick.  I’ll wait for Santa to reward me with something for being such a good girl this year.  I’ll sip my nog, and eat spiced foods til my shit smells bakery fresh and my insides are warm and toasty with holiday cheer!  Happy new year everybody!

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