Nobody's gonna slow me down

Working in the service industry takes a certain kind of person. You are expected to perform a service with a smile under varying circumstances. I would say that many of these circumstances, I would like to say things that I shouldn’t. For example a woman came in wondering if we had her credit card. There was a line of about 6 people patiently waiting to order. I told the woman, I had just begun my shift and hadn’t been told of any credit card. I would be happy to check in the safe for her, but it would be two minutes until I could open it. She told me that was too long, and it was ridiculous that the woman who took her order in the morning stole it and never returned it. Ok, in 0-45 seconds this woman, blamed me for something I wasn’t even present for. I told her again that I would open the safe to see if it had been placed there, as this is our policy to protect anything of value. I set the safe and went back in line to take the orders of the other customers. I only helped one person, when the woman said that this was uncalled for, and that she didn’t have time to wait. I looked at the safe timer and told her it would be 53 more seconds and there was nothing I could do to rush it. I took 2 more orders and finally the timer sounded. I opened the door, praying to find the credit card would be inside. Upon opening it, I didn’t see it. My heart sank. And I bit my lip mustering the strength to inform the woman that it wasn’t there. She huffed and said that she was lied to and her time was wasted countless times by our store. She walked out the door, leaving me to the line of customers who were beginning to grow as impatient as she was.

If I was able to respond and say the things I wanted to, I would have told the woman that I was extremely sorry that I couldn’t read her mind when she walked through the door. I am also sorry that I am unable to pick the lock to my safe to open the door on her beckoned call. But most of all, I am SO sorry that I didn’t possess the patience and understanding that she herself exhibited to be so well-liked in life.

This is why they pay the service industry the big dollars. So that we can deal with the special people who’ve lost touch with humanity. This is the essence of customer service. And after moments like this happen, I run through what I’d like to say in my mind, and sing the chorus to this song to center me back to the place where I can easily curl up the corners of my lips, and smile.

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