summer loves

Ok now that summer is here, I’m beginning to witness some of my favorite seasonal loves. There is something about this time of year that just breeds hope and excitement here’s a list of things I look forward to, let me know what I’m missing!
-sunglasses: preferably neon or big obnoxious frames
-sangria: white is my absolute favorite, but I can choke down the red
-dresses: let the updrafts flow freely (all of us have a little Marilyn in us)
-people watching: everyone is out and they come in every form! I saw a man wearing black shin high socks with sandals and womens black sunglasses with bejeweled starbursts on the side.
-Grilling: I want to put everything on the grill! If I could figure out a way to smoke my clothes dry, I’d do it.
-the smell of suntan lotion
-ice cold bevs on extra hot days: whether its beer or iced tea, there is nothing more satisfying at those sweaty moments
-car windows down/stereos turned up: Love when the jams are pumpin!
-wind blown hair: looks awful, but feels great.
-park action: throwin’ the football or baseball around, or even a frisbee. A bit of picnic perhaps
-festivals: so many reasons to celebrate and listen to live music! Thank God there are so many neighborhoods and national holidays for us to use in celebratory fashion!

I need to figure out how to get all of these done in one day! Music equivalent to my desires is right here ~>

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