World Cup Mayhem!

Its kinda sad that the worlds most popular sport is something that Americans are pretty much in the dark about. I watched the France V. Uruguay match today, and am looking forward to following the upcoming matches.

Those professional footballers are the biggest bunch of overactors this side of a hair removal infomercial. Just watch their facial expressions when any call is made. The arched eyebrows and guffaws that resonate in mere seconds are out of control. Don’t get me wrong, this sport demands more stamina and control than you can suck from a power bar; I have incredible respect for the game these guys play. I’m just a silly American with curiosities and questions about this thing called Football.

I wonder if they are all talking different languages. How do you anticipate what they are about to do when they are speaking another language? Again, another testament to the sport and its ability to break down borders. The commentators spit out heavy accented english and slang terms are littered about like cigarette butts. Plus the horns and yelling going on; I must attend a professional game before I die. The adrenaline must be insane. Nothing like the rec leagues I was a part of as a child. Soccer was more about the uniforms and matching hairties that were fashioned. The orange segments and snack rotation that every mother feared because of the pressure and judgement of other moms. Soccer for young Americans is like a weekly planned sleepover where all the kids come together and practice their social skills.

Not saying I didn’t love my time spent at soccer, I absolutely adored it, and met my besties there! But now this lady has blood lust, for some sweaty brutes running about the pitch, driving that ball into the unsuspecting twines of the net… plus I just want an excuse to jump up and scream GOAAAAALLLLLLL!

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