13.1 club

I’d like to congratulate my sister, Lauren, for completing a half marathon today! I am so proud of her for setting a goal and accomplishing it. It seems so insane to me that she ran 13.1 miles. I can barely finish 1 mile myself, in fact, there are very few things that I could do 13.1 times in one day.
I can blink that many times. I can swallow, chew, burp, update my facebook, tweet, change the channel, listen/sing along to 13.1 songs on the radio, drive 13.1 miles, email 13.1 people, floss 13.1 gaps in my teeth, drink 13.1 ounces of water, inhale 13.1 different scents and look in 13.1 directions. And I didn’t even train for any of these.

It’s evident that goal-setting and an all around go-getter attitude are prevalent in our gene pool. Who knows what amazing feats I’ll tackle this week. My sister plans on learning the piano next… I wonder what I should accomplish to upstage her this time??

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