What we are good at?

Ok, so after a day of people watching on the train and in the city I’ve come to some major conclusions.
1. Clothing is chosen using a combination of 2 factors: fashion and functionality. This may be something you know, but the reason this is so apparent, is because some people have chosen the extreme side of one of these, and completely disregarded the other. I saw more than 5 women today in the most adorable dresses. Cute, floral, cotton, wraps, straps and strapless were just a few of the choices made. And while they looked good, they walked strangely. Standing still they would look amazing, but walking was a new story. Don’t wear a dress on a day that the humidity is out of your control; for you will suffer the consequences of chapped thighs and sore knees, from the new gait you will have to adapt to in order to avoid the inside of your thigh flesh from combusting into flames. I know they say pain is beauty, but goodness, it’s not worth a skin graft. Then we have those who are committed to function. I saw more than one fanny pack today. I understand the convenience of it, but come on. I think that people in the 80’s were enamored with the idea of hands free. This gave birth to the fanny pack and those straps that allowed you to hang your super sweet sunglasses on your neck with a fashionable day-glow strap that connected each of the ear pieces. Also the invention of that little neck wedge that secretaries installed on phones so they could avoid crooks in their necks. All of these things were based on function; they look dumb as hell people. Back to the fanny packs; they are tied around waists and cinched areas that don’t want to be cinched. They place a bulge in an area that no one wants a bulge. They sag and droop, bringing attention to other things that may or may not be under the same gravity stress.
2. We are consumers. I know this is a simple statement for a capitalistic society, but we bring the fullest potential to this title. We want everything, and will pay our hard earned money to have, consume, dispose of and move on to the next one. This is why America is the home of the buffet and the value menu. Quantity not quality is not a saying; it’s a way of life. We want the volume pumped up to its highest point, and then to break it past the barrier as if we’ve reached a new level. A VIP section of consumption. This is how I myself decided to enter a burrito eating contest. I’m doing it to raise money, but really it’s worth the bragging rights. When I tell friends and family of this venture, they each have a verve and zest of excitement that they are dying to unleash. They want to give pointers and tips for success, tactics and strategies for something we do multiple times on a daily basis. Except this occasion with be one of those destructions of a barrier. It’s about to get real you guys. Real enough to get team uniforms and create chants and training schedules. This is the next sporting event. This is chipotle burrito competitive eating… and I’ve got a lust for frijoles.
In summation, we as Americans are good at overdoing it. We beat a dead horse on a daily basis and are proud of it. We are good at pushing the envelope and then prodding, poking, and all around stomping past any barrier that is constructed. And I guess we do this to prove that we cannot be contained by any wall or rope or limit. We smash those limits, and then consume the remains. Catch, you guys later; I have the sudden urge to eat a couple burritos and buy an American flag bathing suit.

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