I’m a Belieber

Ok, so Sunday was the day I went with my sister, cousin and friend to see the amazing little muffin that is Justin Bieber.  3/4 of this group were clearly too old to be attending this show, but there is no shame in our game, so we chalked our car with “Bieber or Bust” and “Don’t Stop Beliebin” and turned up the pop jams all the way to Milwaukee.

After seeing all the screaming girls ranging from toddlers up to the mother holding the “Bieber Cougar” sign, I knew this kid was gonna put on a good show.

Sean Kingston opened to warm up the 808’s and then came Justin.  With one kiss blown, he had all of them shrieking uncontrollably.  A couple of costume changes and some kickin choreography was enough to make any girl swoon.

To see all these girls fizzing up with glee, was so adorable.  Then came the slide show with pictures of Justin as a baby to his present 16-year-old self.  The air must have been swirling from all the awws, and ooohs in the amphitheater.  It was almost as loud as when he had his last dance solo featuring some hip moves and liquid foot moves.

It reminded me of that feeling you had when you were young, and your first crush bubbled inside of you.  You felt like you were ready to burst, and that every glance gave way to bits of  hope and excitement.  Everything seems possible when this effervescence is churning inside of you.  The regular rules of sustenance cease to apply.  Hunger, thirst, fatigue are things that can be pushed aside like your copy of Cosmo Girl.  All that matters is that one boy, and the feeling you get when you think of him.

I went right home and wanted to find my journals from 8th grade, that spewed thoughts of holding hands in the dark, and solidifying your relationship status through notes passed in the hall.  You were dating if you slow danced together at the dance, and you broke up if you talked to a person of the opposite sex.  Things were so sweet and innocent.  Black and white rules that didn’t need explaining.  It made me want to tell someone that I “like-liked” them.  I think that’s what my new strategy for dating is going to involve.  That and the rebirth of my diary, and trust in Cosmo Girl and Seventeen magazines.

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