what’s American?

So yesterday, I lived a true red-blooded American day on our nations birthday.  I worked for 8 hours to support our economy and the consumers that wanted to celebrate with caffeine rather than grilled meats and ice cold beers.  I then went to wrigleyville to feast on a chorizo quesadilla at a rather unauthentic Mexican restaurant.  It has a big sombrero over the thresh-hold of the building and the entire place smelled like a sour, wet, rag.  Our waitress was Asian and spoke little to no English, relying on our pointing and nodding to confirm our order.  My friend and I sat there wondering how this poor girl got stuck in this neighborhood dealing with drunken customers on this day, our nation’s birthday.  We came to the conclusion that everyone else requested off, and she was stuck serving us and our over-served neighbors.

Its scary to think that this was the American dream.  That she came here to make money and what she got was a babysitting job, catering to drunks in wrigleyville.  On our walk back, we encountered droopy eyed women stumbling and men grunting.  One man thrust out his chest and belly for my friend to step around.  We were happy to be sober and leaving.

We walked to Montrose Park to witness the firework show.  All the drunk breath being exhaled simultaneously in the air left it hot and sticky.  Clouds ushered in small droplets of cool rain.  It was baptismal, and we walked letting it curl up the hairs by our necks.  By the time we arrived the grass was wet, and our moist skin drank in the night air with new appreciation.  The big hill was littered with people on blankets.  Families, with babies, strollers, grills, coolers, sandwiches, sticky hands, sweaty armpits, chafed thighs, sunburned shoulders, beer breath, charcoal fingernails, and bug spray.  Sulfur smoke slinked along the overgrown grass following the path of the bottle rockets and illegal fireworks brought by tipsy uncles and fathers with their self taught pyrotechnic prowess.  We watched the show and winced at the whiz and burr of nearby shells rolling near our towel in the grass.  After it was over the crowds lined and poured out to the same routes.  Exhaust mixed with the sulfur leftovers and no one was really concerned about being green.  They were just being American.

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