Hood Classifieds

If gangs recruited on craigslist what qualifications would be listed?  Below are a few that I would put out there.

If I wrote one I would require a list or pics of tattoos.  You better be displayin some ink if you’re for reals.

What kinda whip you drivin? And what is the degree of your gangsta lean? You better be pushin’ well over 120 degrees otherwise, you’re still driving at a posturepedic level.

How mean is your look? If I ever cross your glare will I be on the edge of shitting my pants?  No room for punks and soft bitches on my block.

I’ll need a list of hustlin’ credentials.  Can you get things of necessity or make a lick when times are tough?  What buttons are your fingers on?  What do you have on lock, so I know what kinda strings you can pull for me.

What is your nickname?  Lil Buck Buck; Woo Woo; Bonez; Pounds; Dilla? It better be fly, and it better have a story.

Those are just a couple of requirements.  Salary is BOE and loyalty.  Get your resume to me with references, and we apologize but due to a large number of applicants, we will be unable to reply to all.  You will be contacted for an interview if you meet the requirements.  Thanks and good luck in your search!

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