My last meal…

I know most people would want to eat what they were careful to avoid their entire lives.  They want a meal that will clog your arteries, pack in the carbs, fat and cholesterol.  You no longer have to worry about your health, get wild and crazy!  Filet mignon with twice baked potatoes and butter coating everything.  Or maybe you want to eat something that rides as close to the line of death as possible…fugu.  Yeah, that’s the way to end it.  Eat something that may be the actual cause of your death, prior to your lethal injection.  If I was trying to make an ironic exit and be clever on my way out, I would possibly consider it.  But what if it just isn’t satisfying?  Who wants fish as their last meal, especially blow-fish?

If I had to decide what my last meal would be, there is no doubt that it would be soup and a sandwich.  It would be determined by the season and what my palate pined for.

Possible combos: Grilled cheese with tomato and tomato soup; BLT and tomato barley; Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and cream of chicken soup; Meatloaf sandwich and french onion soup;  Grilled ham and swiss and lentil soup; Turkey club and chicken soup.

The season is a big determining factor.  If it were insanely hot, I might want a tuna melt and gazpacho; while a chilled night might call for chili.  If we can’t control the weather, we can at least counter its moves with a meal.

Maybe my mind would change if I was locked up though.  Those circumstances tend to change your desires and outlook on life in general.  Look at the list of things inmates requested for their last meals.

I think KFC should advertise the popularity of their buckets by counting all the people who have selected their crispy delicacies as their last meal.  Now that’s a testament to their product!

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