Casino Follies

A recent celebration of my paternal Grandmothers birthday brought us all together in Wisconsin at the Potawatomi Casino.  Stepping inside, I became aware of a few things. 1. I am sooo glad that smoking is banned in Illinois.  The sight and smell of cigarettes and cigars smoldering down to stale ash is something I’m glad I don’t have to witness on the daily. 2. Casinos are adult versions of video arcades.  For any parent that yelled at their kid for playing too many games, they need to walk into a casino and understand that this is the same premise.  I want to know the sort of people who design these games, they are themed after just about everything.  Wheel of Fortune, Sex in the City, Cats, Genies, Brazillians, Diamonds, leprechauns, Black Stallions, Time Machines, Fruit and countless other categories.  3. Buffets are the absolute best place to people watch.  Its like the watering hole in the savannah, everyone needs to go here so you’ll see every walk of life in their natural state.  Some of those states include fanny packs; neon hats; tricked out canes; blue blockers; bejeweled wheel chairs; color coordination at an extreme level (all white outfits head to toe); and double, triple, and even quad chins.  The buffet is your grade school cafeteria on crack.  Lots and lots of food, mysterious and sometimes delicious, with attentive cooks refilling the vats of your liking.  You are bound to love and hate at least 1 item.  Some people see the buffet as the man, and they intend to sock it to the man before they leave.  This is why they eat til a level of pain and then stuff the leftovers in baggies or wrap up goodies in napkins to smuggle out into the wild.

I personally intend to go back for the buffet…that and the bloody marys.  Wisconsin makes the absolute best bloody marys.  It is a meal and always offered with a beer chaser.  My bloody mary included the drink itself garnished with celery, olives, asparagus, cocktail onion, mushroom, wedge of pepperjack cheese, lemon, lime and celery salt.  I drank one of those bad boys and felt absolutely invincible.  I scarcely believe that a one-a-day vitamin could cover the same amount of nutrients and prevent things as scary as scurvy.  I know that if there were Wisconsin pirates, they would be the most immune and deadly bunch on the seas.

Another plus to this casino is their bathroom scene.  They have those dyson dryers that just squeegee the water off your hand with intense air pressure.  Love those things!  Plus this restroom catered to diabetic patrons, these restrooms were equipped with sharps containers.  There was a golden plaque stating the location of this refuse container, it almost seemed regal to deposit your used sharp into the box.  Score one for Ron Santo and Mary Tyler Moore and Brett Micheals!  Yay insulin!

I am glad to say that we went as a family to enjoy this geriatric playground, it gave me insight into the world of entertainment through the ages.  I look forward to my views on this place in the future, perhaps one day I’ll be playing the nickel slots humming along to the easy listening of Justin Timberlake, reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

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