Sometimes I like to look up quotes and induce inspiration with a well placed finger down my literary throat.  Here’s a couple from Anne Lamott that really spoke to me today:

“My mind is a neighborhood I try not to go into alone.”
Anne Lamott

“Expectations are resentments under construction.”
Anne Lamott

Why do these speak to me you ask?  Well one: they are sarcastic. Two: they support the idea that we should step outside ourselves and take a look at what can be tweaked.  Humans have one important trait that bind us.  We all have a hint of insanity, and that my friends is what keeps us sane.  Also, reading over the quotes from her books makes me realize that I need to read her more often.  She is a great read whether you agree with her or not.  Even though she can take a stand on something very controversial, she does so after telling you the rickety path she wandered down to arrive at her conclusion. 

It’s a lot easier to understand someone when you’ve seen or heard why they got there. 

I would willingly pay $50 to park my car in the city overnight.  This may seem extreme until I remind myself that I’ve been towed twice and had to pay triple that to get my car out. 

A man may eat a half eaten sandwich from the garbage.  This may seem gross but this will be the first thing he’s eaten in two days and his blood sugar has been low, and he can’t steal sugar from McDonalds anymore because the cashier is threatening to call the police on him. 

first impressions are equal to tips of icebergs.  You will never see the entire mass at first glance,  whether you’re above or below water. -rachel blau (after reading anne lamott quotes all day)

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