Celebrating Labor

I was thinking about what we are celebrating today and went into a couple of tangents (big surprise) that I’d like to share with you.

Well of course we are celebrating the laborers of our country. Which right now if you are one of those, it is a blessing that you have a job and earn a wage with the unemployment rate still at a staggering height. I know that I complain about my job, quite often in fact, but today I need to quit it. Maybe I should try it for a week or so, see if things begin to look a little more promising.

My job isn’t very labor intensive, but there are millions out there who build, and sweat and perform back-breaking repetitive labor, so that we can all enjoy the luxuries of the modern world. My grandma always says the world needs ditch diggers, and today is the day they deserve a nice chair and a cold beer. Take a load off guys and gals, and thanks for all that you do!

Today I would also like to send my gratitude out to the mothers of the world. My cousin just recently gave birth to the most adorable little boy, and when she was explaining some of the things she had to do during child-birth, I felt like a big ninny. Headaches, cramps, colds, flus all seem pretty lame in comparison to the limits the woman’s body can go to during child-birth. It’s amazing that when we celebrate a birthday we are given gifts and congratulations for turning another year older, when really we should be thanking our mother’s for pushing us out; screaming and writhing little things that need so much. Why are we getting cakes and cards again? Mothers do have Mother’s Day but it wouldn’t hurt to give them some extra love and thanks for getting us to where we are. So thanks Mom, for raising me, teaching me and getting me to this point. You’re labor is recognized and appreciated more than you know.

So in closing, I am going to work today to live and celebrate Labor in all its facets. Do me a favor and call your Mothers and thank them; and smile at the construction workers this week when you are driving past them on the roads.

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