Better, Faster, Stronger

Ok, so I know Google is all psyched up for the new and amazing mind-reading, time-saving abilities its new search engine will have. When I heard it will save me hundreds of hours over my computer lifetime, I began to wonder where this extra time would be spent.

After one minute of contemplation I knew that it would be directed and invested in the shabby wonder that is, Craigslist. I can tell you that I spend hours daily pouring through this sub-par website. Looking for jobs(that I’m not quite qualified for), gigs(that are a waste of time or shameful to a future career), apartments (that I can’t afford), and the ultimate guilty pleasure…missed connections. I can’t say that all of it is a waste, because I’ve stumbled upon some great internships, good interviews, and neighborhoods that I wouldn’t really be aware of had it not been for Craigslist. I do have some sort of filter that tells me this is worth investigating/and this is definitely not. I’ve learned a great deal about myself, resume and cover letter writing, in addition to the creeps who are watching on the red line (*note, take the blue line more often). So it hasn’t been a total loss. But dangit, Craigslist, why don’t you put out an ad and get an update for yourself. New color scheme, layout, photos, search options. You’re startin to look haggard girl, and no one’s gonna want to play your old games if you don’t keep us enticed. I know you don’t have the same advantages of google, but the time has come to step up your game.

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