Fabulous Fall: How-To pull it off

Fall is rather short when you dwell in the midwest. You have 1-2 weeks of this perfect weather and then its over. Snow, wind, sleet, and seasonal depression take-over the next 4 months of the region. This is why I want to warn you all so that you can enjoy the fleeting Autumn moments in class and style.

Ok first good news, wear pants! Its chilly out there and there is no excuse to be wearing those short shorts. Plus this saves you the time of shaving legs ladies. Just throw those pants on and roll, no one will be the wiser!

Purchase a nice cable knit or other sweater that embraces you, makes you feel cozy and warm, even if you are outside raking leaves or carving pumpkins, or skipping through the streets on a pub crawl.

Also, no matter how cold it is, now is the time to start experimenting with scarves. Great way to add color to your ensemble and keep your neck warm.

Do something that you can only do in fall. Go to an apple orchard; or a pumpkin farm. Try to hold on to these last bearable moments of weather before Jack Frost shows up and ruins the party by pissing in the punch bowl. Unless you are a retiree and plan a seasonal escape to the south, get your butt outside and get some fresh air…because I said so.

Fall is the perfect time to embrace those golden and brown hues. Please apply them to all things above, sweaters, scarves, food, beverages, etc.

I am having visions of chili and football tailgating, so I must part with you, but please get away from your damn computer and do something before 2010 Autumn has slipped through your fingers.

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  1. Fall is my favorite season too! I especially like the idea of scarves. I would also add to power up your camera and take pictures of the beautiful color changes. 🙂

  2. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

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