Boost your Betes knowledge!

Ok, I’m going on twenty years now as a type I diabetic. It seems insane that I’ve had something for this long, but it feels good to see the strides made personally and technologically in the field. I feel like even with all this growth, a large percentage of people around me have no clue what diabetes is, or at least the type that I have. Type I means insulin dependent. My dad always used to tell me “just think of a big ol’ needle.” Type II is the one that most elderly and overweight contract. This type II am obviously less familiar with, but I know it is maintained by excercise, pills, and diet.

Most people are under the impression that I have too much, or too little sugar. This would be wrong. I test my blood sugar to keep it in a targeted range. It can go below and above the area I’m aiming for. I have two ways of treating it when this happens.
Lows=eating some sort of fast acting simple carbohydrates, like fruit or juice. Chocolate and candy isn’t the best, because it takes your body longer to break these things down and enter the bloodstream.
Highs=insulin from my insulin pump or injected with a single needle should the pump malfunction.

Diabetics CAN eat sugar! Sometimes its necessary to get back into range. Newsflash, guess what every piece of food you eat turns into…glucose a.k.a. sugar. We’d really be fucked if we couldn’t ingest the sweet stuff.

Now I’ve only covered when things are out of control, when they are in control there are still things to be monitored. Testing my blood sugar is something I need to do 5 times minimum daily, regardless of how good I’m feeling. And everytime I eat, I need to counteract the carbs I’m ingesting with insulin. Remember, my body still operates the same way everyone elses does; except I don’t have insulin inside my body.

Now, I could go on and on about the different ways food, drinks, and other activities affect my blood sugar but I won’t because its dry and interesting to only a small percentage of you who even read to this point. Just know this: I am more than happy to answer any lingering questions that may be burning inside of you about this portion of the endocrine system; but please don’t apply advice and worry with the knowledge you gained from the Liberty Testing Supply Commercials to my life. I love Wilfred Brimley, I really do. Along with the rest of the gang: Jay Cutler, BB King, Ron Santo, Aretha Franklin, Brett Michaels, Mary Tyler Moore [shameless name dropping]. But you can’t learn this stuff in 30 seconds. Otherwise the bankrupt wouldn’t call Peter Francis Geraci for info tapes.

If this really got your motor going, look at this quiz about diabetics and drinking. Slainte! DRANKS

P.S. Call me for your free Diabetic Info Tapes, operators standing by…

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