French Braids are for Girls

Ok, I thought that a tweet and a facebook status update would get it out of my system, but more questions are coming due to Devin Hester’s french braid.  Or if you prefer the “braided mohawk.”  If you haven’t seen it, don’t look.  Its strange and confusing, I’m pretty sure the answers to all the questions you never wanted to know live within that braid.  Mohawks have gained prevalence lately, especially in the African-American crowd.  I feel like everywhere I turn, someone is getting their faux hawk on.  Can’t say that I liked it in the 80’s and the same feeling has resurfaced.

Lots of men are making statements with their hair fashion on the field.  Clay Matthews of the Packers has long, stringy wet blonde locks dipping far below the lettering on his jersey.  I’m pretty sure Brett Micheals is green with envy.Clay Matthews hairbangers ball

Let’s not forget Troy Polamalu who has his curly mane insured for a million dollars by his sponsor Head and Shoulders.  It does look magnificent in a gentle breeze though…Mesmorizing Troy...

I digress.  I just have to giggle when I see the pride and care these men have in the appearance of something that will be housed under a sweaty helmet for hours at a time.  The 80’s are in full revival with braids, heavy metal hair, and natural perm; gnarly dude.

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