Listening to the radio today, they were asking the question why is it so hard for single women to find Mr. Right? Many people, male and female called in saying that women run too much and can’t see the good ones that are right in front of their faces. I agree with this, we are too wrapped up in an idea of perfection, that we are unable to recognize the positives in front of us. People also said that women shouldn’t be looking for their Mr. Right, they should be found.
This is a hard concept for women, especially those who are independent and strive to retain control of their lives. One of the callers said “you ladies need to listen to your Momma, sit still for a second!” Then a commercial came on followed by Jaheim’s Finding My Way Back. He has a lyric Two ships just passin’ in the night now/ offshore, lookin’ for a lighthouse.

I immediately was struck with a metaphor for men and women. Men are the ships searching the waters for a lighthouse, or women. Lighthouses have a simple job that they need to stick to in order for the ships to notice them; shine and stay patient and still. They can’t be pointing their beacons to and fro, they need to just be themselves and shine for all to see. The ones who really want to get to them will see their light and follow it until they reach their destination. Patience is a difficult thing to master, but it is quite a virtue.

I think I’m going to stand a little taller tomorrow and be proud of the light I’m emitting…a.k.a. I’ma do me!

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