Creatures of Habit

We are all creatures of habit. We have a ton of regulars that come in to where I work, they get the same drink everyday. I feel bad knowing them by their drink and not their name. The same people who run late, come in at the exact same time every morning with the same fear of missing their train, or the more terrifying outcome of missing their drink!

This afternoon I went to my Grandparents to help them with some chores. With the change of seasons, lawn furniture and landscaping duties were in need of attention. My grandparents are the epitome of habit and regiment. There is not a piece of lint or a leaf that falls from tree to lawn that they are not aware of. Everything in the house has a place and it has had that place for the last 60 years. If something moves from its place an internal alarm will sound in my grandmothers head.

During his recovery from surgery my father stayed at their house to rest and recuperate. He told me that one afternoon my Grandmother came into the tv room, “I’m missing a butter knife,” she said. He looked under the magazines and newspapers and the knife slipped from the pages. It must have been misplaced from his breakfast that she had prepared for him. How many of you know the number of butter knives housed in your silverware drawer?

I do not have the level of tracking and awareness that my Grandmother does. The constant in my life is procrastination. I set three alarms for myself because I know the first two are just warnings. There are probably 2 times during the calendar year when all my laundry is done. Including the clothes I house in the trunk of my car. Just last week I discovered a gallon of milk I had misplaced in the trunk of my car. Ever seen a week-old, unrefrigerated gallon of milk? Not very pretty, it made me stay off dairy for a few days. I am not going to say that this is going to be the turning point where I change and get my shit together, because I’m fully aware that I won’t change. I may start cleaning out my trunk and double checking my grocery list though.

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  1. Uh, I witnessed that jug of milk. My stomach is still uncomfortable with thinking about what it looked like. Didn’t know milk could separate like that :/

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