Betty…where sass originated

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting/knowing my paternal Grandmother, you are really missing out. She is probably one of the smartest, most reliable, organized, passionate women I know. I didn’t know this initially. It snuck through under the guise of chores and sassy comments.
When I was young and she taught me the correct way to wash a floor by getting on your hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and a rag. This deep cleaning regime has been set into she and my grandpa’s household for over fifty years now. It’s never been messy or in disorder since…well I’ve never seen it dirty. My grandmother, now 85 years young, is still able to sit on her chair in the tv room and spot pieces of lint across the room on the floor. She will get up and pluck it from the ground and store it in her pocket to throw it away later.
She has never been one to filter her comments to spare feelings. I was visiting with my grandparents and aunt today and bent down to pick something off the ground. My under wear became exposed allowing a pink bow to show when I stooped down. “Rachel, what’s that pink bow for? Breast cancer awareness?” Perfectly timed sass on her part.
Another time she was voicing her annoyance with grandpa’s recent insomnia. “Men don’t know how to take the benefit from insomnia. Can’t sleep? Go do something useful. A woman would throw in a load of laundry. Why can’t you wash a wall or something Dale? You’re already up,” she asked.
She asks these unanswerable questions on a daily basis. During holidays I think they come out even more rapidly. She gift wrapped all of grandpa’s Christmas presents with tags that read To: Dale From: The One-Who-Can’t-Do-Anything-Right.
She may be a little rough the first time you receive some of her advice, but know that she’s only trying to prepare you for the harder things you’ll surely face in the future. She wants you to be ready, and when you overcome a hurdle, she will be there to compliment you on your success and warn you of other possible obstacles ahead. She’s been taking notes her entire life, and you better believe I’m going to heed her cliff’s notes.

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  1. Very true!!

  2. […] I love the elderly.  I can’t wait til the day that I fall into this category.  You are eligible for more government benefits, your work load is decreased, and you and say and do pretty much anything you want (exempt from breaking major laws).  My grandparents all have taken advantage of that last perk, they rarely filter the thoughts that travel through their mind.  They just let it out in raw offensive form, especially Betty, whom I’ve mentione in previous blogs.  […]

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