buyer beware

When you are shopping online, and you are at the page where you can add-on last-minute impulse buys or choose to become part of the mailing list that sends you extra coupons and emails that you never wanted, you need to stay alert. Before you know it you are part of some savings email list that alerts you to every deal known in the hemisphere you live in, multiple times daily. It’s hard to ask for something without getting all the extra tag-alongs as well.

Age thirteen, I was a moody little tom-boy with a bowl cut and a tooth pick for a body. Many girls remember this awkward stage of life and are glad it is over. It’s a time of confusion and wavering self-esteem, wonder and growth. I remember when I was younger the embarrassment and humiliation of being mistaken for a boy. I wore umbros and over sized t-shirts from my older, male cousin. Sambas and skinned knees were things I put on daily with pride. Most of my family members donned short hair-dos but they had one thing that verified their female sex status…boobs. I was a gangly rail of a child and hated the thought of wearing something pink or growing out a long pony tail. Until those dirty pillows came in, I was in a unisex world full of shame. I can remember trying on make-up and hating it so much I refused to wear anything besides carmex lip balm. I pined for a set of ta-tas that would remind people, I was, in-fact a girl.

Be careful what you wish for. The day that my boobs began to come in, I also received packages that I did not look forward to. Hormones came in surplus, along with extra padding in many areas throughout my body. This is when I received my pear-shaped status. Some are hourglass, some are narrow, some are boxy, some are even upside-down pears. Who knew that we’d all change so drastically in such a short time. I think I grew two feet in two years, and my sarcasm fully developed with my thighs. When I wished for boobs, I didn’t pay attention to the extras that would come. But there was no box to uncheck, and now I’m a raging, sarcastic, pear who shops very, very carefully.

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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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