Men and women have had differences since the dawning of time. The major differences are in the way in which they deal with things, whether it is food or emotions or problem solving. It’s safe to say, after millions of years we shouldn’t expect to change in the basic premise that men hunt and women gather.

Take emotions for example: Men are always alert and aware of intruding emotional struggle. When witnessing this prey in the distance, they focus, aim and assassinate their target. They learn the weaknesses and strengths of their prey, to predict, conquer or avoid it in their next possible hunt. Women are constantly looking and gathering emotional moments to store, analyze and present later. They will remember the circumstances they discovered these emotions and the patterns in which to find them again. They can find ways to store and prolong their harvest for future sustenance.

These traits must be bred into our chromosomes, programming us to react and interact in these specified ways. So if you don’t mind, I’m about to gather me up some popcorn and cry over another viewing of Bridget Jone’s Diary, and then relate all her problems to my life, and then figure out how I can avoid the pitfalls, but reap the benefits…its what my fore-mothers would have wanted for me. Oooga Booga.

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