Less is More

To preface this, I’d like to tell you that I often sit down to blog and spend way to much time on a thought and end up with a long piece of toilet paper, and it inevitably gets flushed. I am giving myself five minutes to say what is most important, because that is the thought that has resonated through me whilst shampooing my hair.
The art of Japanese Flower Arrangement is something that I feel is far from my minds ability of comprehension. Watching a travel show I saw them spend so much time examining the placement of a plain, brown, branch and marveling at it when it reached it’s “happiest” destination. The instructor said that you are examining the empty space as well as the flower itself. Its simplification.
As a world we have gotten to a point where simplification is something we need to search for. With all the bells and whistles we have around us, in the forms of internet, phones, tv, music, social networking, its a wonder there are moments for us to think at all.
I spent my entire day today with noise or light flowing in and around me. It wasn’t until I was closing my eyes and lathering my head that I realized how wonderful that moment was. It made me remember the other times when the simplest thing was the most satisfying.
I work at a coffee shop and drink a terrifying amount of caffiene and foo-foo drinks. Everyday I come into work and mull over the countless options of beverages I can consume, when really all I’m thirsty for is a water.
Or the nights I spend so much time planning out my social agenda, when in reality my preference would be staying in and watching channel 11 in my sweat pants eating popcorn.
These instances remind me that simple and basics are the best because they are the first instinct. The birth of that creative feeling when an emotion or sentiment comes to be.
Like communion for example: two very basic staples of the time were used to represent the body and the blood. He didn’t get all crazy and say find this extinct animal, or this exotic fruit and it will represent how special I am. He just stuck to the basics.

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  1. yep yep yep. i like it. spoken like a true blau 🙂

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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