Wish List

Remember when you were little and started planning out your Christmas list to give to your parents to pass along to Santa? I would keep a pad and pen next to me when I watched tv and pretty much write down everything I saw on the commercial breaks on Saturday mornings. This is when I honed in on the ability to write quickly and invent a kid version of shorthand so I would not miss a single opportunity. I wanted everything. Moon shoes, Barbie and Skipper (because she had the sporty outfits), Gak, Lite Brite, Teddy Ruxbin and all the story cassettes, a big trampoline, nintendo games, My Little Ponies, Care Bears, Nerf footballs/foam arrows/baseballs/accessories, hot wheels and all the race tracks with loop-de-loops, Lip Smackers lip gloss in every flavor (but most important is cherry), Easy Bake oven (once I was old enough to handle the heat of that light bulb), and when they were cool: Pogs.
The kids today have those cds called Kidz Bop where popular songs are re-recorded with youthful singers in a children friendly fashion. But nothing beats the hot jams that Barbie and the Rockers provided in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I recently stumbled across a tune that brought my childhood flooding back to me and was sad when I realized I have no idea where my beloved cassette tape is. This blog is a plea to the general public to search your attics or basements for the Barbie and the Rockers cassette tapes. Until then, I’ll be two steppin to this in my spandex pants and shoulder pad sweater. The sax solo is pretty boss.

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