New Year; New You

This is the time of year when people are vowing to avoid the pitfalls of the past year and make changes that will shape the outcome of the new year and the “new them.”

What a bunch of bunk.  I mean fine, if you really want to change and better yourself, why didn’t you just do it when things were going south?  Why does the date on the calendar change the attitude about your self?  I mean I can’t lie, I’ve felt the excitement of a new beginning and made a real “college try” at getting in shape, and eating healthy.  But if you check back in with me in a month, I’m pretty much where I was before the New Year hit.  Which leads me to the original feeling that change will happen when you want it to happen.  In the mean time you can escape the feeling of the old you, by doing what my friend and I do: create alternate personalities.

The first time this happened was when my friend had a song stuck in her head.  It happened to be the Beach Boys “Help Me Rhonda,” and from that moment on she decided she would be known as Rhonda for the rest of the day.  Our creative nature led us to experimentation with forging alternate careers: advertising agents, pharmaceutical reps, zamboni driver, and the list went on.  We went out that evening to quench our social thirst, referring to her only  as Rhonda the zamboni driver.  By the end of the night it was almost second nature, until she almost wandered off the curb towards the path of a car when I yelled her real name in fear.

Since that day I have always loved the idea of pretending to be a completely different person.  It stems back to the days of dress up and make-believe when you could be anything you thought of.  So this is my escape today.  Pretend to be something else, something you really want to be but never are.  Go out one night with an alias, or start a twitter account with a different name, personality, career, life, whatever!  I recently started a twitter account with it’s own email account and I’m loving it.  I talk about what I want with no censorship.  It’s completely impulsive and gratifying.  I haven’t even told friends or family what the name is, and it makes me feel like a spy or super hero!  2011 I love you!

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photo credit

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