Older and Wiser

Getting older is unavoidable, so I’d like to age in the most graceful mature way possible.  I turn to my grandparents for the surest, no-bull brand of advice.  Asking is silly, just watching and listening to them is a sure-fire way to steer you down the safest path.  They will give advice on the regular, because with age you have all these life experiences and ways to help those following in your footsteps.  The trouble is, everything you tell people is either not believed or not followed.  My father told me that his parents gave him advice when he was growing up, but he didn’t believe it to be true until it was too late.

Back to aging though, I really can’t wait to get up there so that I can do a few things in particular; wear sweatpants and extra layers of clothes; eat sweets regularly; tell people exactly what I think of them (even if it’s not nice); and impart my rolodex of life histories onto people that won’t listen.

The other week I went to my grandparents to work on their computer, and I left with sore cheeks, good luck, and perhaps a little more wisdom than I came with.  I told my grandparents I needed to leave shortly for an interview and possible freelance job prospect.  My grandmother told me how important it is to keep my nose down and continue to work.  Work so that I can pay off debts and learn to live within my means, not my available credit.  She gave me a lucky trinket to secure success in my interview.  It was a gold dollar coin.  Nothing particularly lucky about it, she had been given quite a few from her tenant when he paid his rent.  She always gives away the surplus she has, whether it be food, turtlenecks, purses, socks, whatever.  I rarely go to her house without being offered something.  My grandfather perked up and offered me a good luck charm he had in his possession as well.  He reached into his pockets and told me he’d “been carrying these around for a while.”  This excited me, to know that he was willing to share a personal piece of his own personal luck.  He opened his palm unveiling 3 smooth, stones and a small, dingy scallop shaped stone.  I chose the one closest to me, believing it was the one that chose me and put it in my pocket.

“Where are these from grandpa?” I asked poking at the remaining stones in his hand.  When my hand grazed the scallop shaped one, I recognized its shape suddenly.

“I’ve had em since before Thanksgiving, gave 2 to the twins when they were here,” he said.  I rolled the scallop between my fingers and realized it was not a stone, but a dried out cat treat.

“Grandpa, this is a stale cat treat.  Where’d you find these?” I asked giggling.  His smile crept up higher and higher until a laugh spilled out.  He shook his head and scratched it, “I found ’em at the bottom of the hamper.”  he said scratching his wavy hair.

“You better scratch your head Dale, maybe it will promote some function up there,” my grandma snapped.  I was rolling at this point.

“Give it to Norm,” grandpa said extending the dried out treat to me.

“He’ll choke grandpa, it’s harder than the stones!” I said laughing still.  I took the treat and placed it in my pocket next to the stone and the gold dollar.  I knew that my luck was already skyrocketing.  I keep these trinkets close now for luck and laughter.  My mom’s high school quote spoke of smiling a lot, because wrinkles around your eyes are proof of happiness.  This year I can see my crow’s feet coming in strong, and it makes me excited to mature happily.

Norm feels lucky

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