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With Valentines Day approaching quickly, the online dating sites are tugging at the weak edges of singles world wide.  Claiming that 1 in 5 relationships now begins on the internet seems ridiculous when I heard it at first.  Really?  20% of relationships begin online?  But then I think of how many people I know, that have met on the interwebs…I know at least 5 couples who met on a dating site.  One of those couples is married, and the others have been in their relationships for over a year and are happy, and others met and are in the exciting new stages of coupledom, fuzzy and flirty and warm.

It seems strange that the same place I rock my wiki, pay my bills, and shop for shoes, is the same place to find a potential mate.  Is this for real?  I guess with everyone staying home to to chores, you have less time to bump into a mate at the bank, the library, or the shoe store.

The internet has brought a scary world to our fingertips.  We can facebook stalk; tweet; date; and exchange such a large amount of information over invisible waves.  When you break it down, the internet can be used for good and bad.  You have to use the same amount of skepticism you would out in the real world.  There is still potential to be hurt, just like any other relationship; only now you can see their picture, email them, text them, and communicate in a myriad of other ways before actually meeting them in the flesh.

I’m still initially leery when it comes to internet dating, but curious enough to not cast it aside.  More than anything it reminds me of a great jam…

I love the shoobie-do-bops… and long walks on the beach!

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  1. as if!

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