This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

I noticed lately that every time I have a great idea, I’m shampooing my hair.  Must be all the massaging that’s pushing my brain into some sort of stimulated mode.  I had a lightening bolt every night the past week while I was showering.  But by the time I get out of the shower and dry off, the idea disappears.  It’s still there, but not as fluid or smooth as it was in the shower.  It’s like the temporary genius feeling you get when you’re high (or so I’ve been told).

I can only attribute this zen state to my sign, Aquarius.  Water bearer.  When I am near water, I am in a state that is simplified, clean and pure.  Even as I write this post I am going to take a break to go shampoo my hair and stimulate the thoughts and feelings I can’t seem to get a hold of.

Ok I’m back.  So whenever I need to decompress, water is my sanctuary.  When customers at work bother me, I go wash dishes and it seems as if all the dramatics wash off into the suds.  I remember as a child longing for bubble baths to prune up in.  My father never allowed us to fill the tub higher than 3 inches when we were young, and I always thought this to be the cruelest form of punishment.  My swimming skills were never the best, but I can’t recall one summer where I didn’t attempt to spend every minute in a pool or lake or ocean.

So how does this help me now that I’m trapped in the midwest in winter?  I’ve doubled my showers for starters.  Even if I’m clean, I take showers for the chance to stand under the hot water.  I wash my hands twice as much, leaving me with scaly hands.  It’s ironic that my skin has taken on the form of a fish out of water.  I crave saline constantly.  Tomato juice and french onion soup are constantly longed for, by my palate.  If I could soak in salty ocean water I think everything would be corrected.  I am the reincarnation of Daryl Hannah, or Madison, the lead mermaid in the 1984 hit, Splash.  I swear that if my legs were touched by ocean salinity I’d be flippin’ around like the mermaid I am.

No time for that right now.  Must ride out the winter until I can reach the ocean.  Until then I’ll continue with the extra showers, and hand washing.  I’ll chalk it up to some sort of germ-a-phobe condition.  The Midwest holds something for me that will tide me over, I just have to figure out what that is.

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