Ok, I know it seems silly and down right phooey to follow horoscopes, or get your palm read, use a Ouija board, or have a tarot reading…but I like it.  I check mine at least a couple times a week.  When I went to New Orleans, I gladly slapped down $20 to listen to a perfect stranger tell me things about myself that I already knew.  It’s not that I needed a reminder of these things, but sometimes having someone tell you what they see in you is refreshing.  Haven’t you ever wanted someone to skip the bull and just tell you what they think of you?

Most of my friends and family tell me I am logical and think about things carefully.  I can say that I look at both sides of an argument each time I’m calculating the odds.  I have a very strong moral fiber that weaves through me.  Fairness, right and wrong, judgment, and the law are things I know and rely on daily.

But the moment I see my horoscope and read that today I will have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, or that the things I really want to have today won’t happen for a while, and I need to exercise patience; I believe it full on and throw all those other hard earned ways of calculating straight out the window.

Tarot Cards

I really wonder who writes the horoscopes too.  Sometimes they are so spot on it’s frightening.  Like someone is following me around with a note book jotting down my every move.  A handwritten form of reality show is what it feels like.  But there are also times when it’s completely wrong, which I find a little more acceptable.  These people can’t be perfect, so the fact that they’re right most of the time and wrong once or twice gives me reason to trust them even more.

So if you get giddy reading these things, I’m going to share with you my favorite online horoscope writer.  Let me know how things fare for you!

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