BOOM! Lightening Strikes

My mind was blown on a realization last night.  The setting of this realization happened at the Bulls vs. Kings basketball game after I was 2 Mai Tais deep, and on the path of pure enlightenment.

A few posts ago, I was about to make it my personal mission to go out into the world and interview all the homeless that I encountered on the regular and find out h0w they came to the crossroads they were currently at in life.  I felt that perhaps they were overlooked or not given respect that they deserved and I was going to right the wrongs they’d been dealt in life.  I told my friends and co-workers this revelation and many of them expressed their caution for my well-being.  Most told me that I’d be wasting my time because so many of my potential interviewees were not really homeless, but just hustlers taking advantage of the naive.  Many times I’ve been pegged as naive, and always resented it.  It was a label that carried the connotation that I was simple minded; and homie don’t play that game.  I’m not stupid, I understand that not all people are honest.  I’m aware of this, but I want to give the benefit of the doubt.

I’m not naive, I’m an idealist.  I believe that things can go exactly as you wish them too.  Perfection is attainable if you work hard enough for it, and the results are something that many will pine for, but few will achieve.  So let those that think my ideas are crazy or unrealistic sit in their pools of self-pity.  I’ll be climbing those wicked looking paths trying to get to that perfect place off in the distance.

And I’ll invite you to join me.  We’ll sip mai tais and the Bulls will be champions again, and the weather will be perfect, and the radio will be on with no commercials, and all my favorite songs will come on, and fresh fruit trays will be available with ice cold sun drop sodas in a cooler nearby, and the smile on my face will make my cheeks just a little bit sore, but not really all that bad.

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