Birth is Gross

I will never forget watching that video of a woman giving birth in health class. I never ever wanted a mustached man to hold back my crazy permed hair while I pushed a lifeform out of my vagina. I had never seen or talked about a real birth at this stage of my pre-teen life. My science teacher told me he passed out at his daughters birth. A 30-something man was so freaked out seeing all those bodily fluids flood out of his wife that he lost it and fell right over. I was shocked that my Mom had the two of us, even though we were C-sections. The idea that “birth was beautiful” was a lost concept to me.
I think that beautiful is the wrong way to describe it. Its amazing, and miraculous, against conceivable odds even, but not beautiful. Babies are ugly for the first day if you ask me. Weird shape, weird color, they got juice and cords floppin’ around. Sick.
No one remembers that part of someones life, and if they do that’s not what they talk about. They treasure the first time their baby makes eye contact, or their first smile, first laugh, but none of these things happen right when they come out. They’re too raw, too new to be appreciated at their fullest potential.
The same goes for ideas. When I first get an idea its a great feeling; electric and new, but still kinda raw and undeveloped. You can appreciate its potential but know that its still got some time before its got all the kinks worked out.
Even writing, I find myself vomiting words onto the page. I have a million things I want to get down, but it reads smoother after a day or two. Gotta give it some time to settle and mature.
I guess the whole lesson I’ve learned is that things have different phases. Birth is just a disgusting but awesome beginning.

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