The Eyes Have It

I think the first time I realized how powerful eye contact was, I was in high school being a punk.  My friends and I would drive around listening to our music, leaning out the window, yelling inside jokes out at the world.  Sometimes at red lights we’d all turn in unison to stare at a neighboring car.  This little stunt gave us a variance of reactions. Some people would glance and ignore; some would stare back in a tense bout of the staring game; and some would laugh.  The worst reaction we ever got was a young lady who stopped next to us, looked over to see the 3 of us unblinking and staring at her.  She turned and hit the gas, speeding through a red light.  Thankfully it was very late/early in the morning and there was no other traffic for her to run into.  I think that was the last time we played the staring game.

Who knew that looking at someone could be so violating.  Eyes are very powerful, they say a lot without any words.

Why else would J.R.R. Tolkien write his villain as a giant flaming eye in a barren waste land?  Because it’s scary and intense, and despite being a lidless eye in a dry area, knows a lot in terms of controlling people!

Lidless Villainy

I have many family members who can communicate with a simple look.  As a child seeing this look meant you were in deep trouble, or you had better stop what you are doing if you want to spare yourself from punishment.  Not a word was said and yet all of us knew it was time to knock it off.

Many people claim the first thing they notice about someone is their eyes.  Although cliche, I have to think it is true because that is the first message you may receive from another individual.

I guess we need to remember how powerful a glance, or a look, or even a full on staring session can be.  What are your eyes telling people when your mouth is shut?

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