Getting Older: Getting Raw

I have been told I have an old soul.  I’m not quite sure which trait puts me into this category.  It could be my style of driving; I rarely speed and am the least aggressive person on the road.  It could be my culinary desires: I love a good jello salad, warmed vanilla milk, and bran cereals.  My favorite pasttimes include watching channel 11 and getting to bed before 10:30.  I’ve been named a “grandma” by many people in my life; friends, family, co-workers, and even complete strangers.  At first I was offended but now I’m happy about it. 

I love the elderly.  I can’t wait til the day that I fall into this category.  You are eligible for more government benefits, your work load is decreased, and you and say and do pretty much anything you want (exempt from breaking major laws).  My grandparents all have taken advantage of that last perk, they rarely filter the thoughts that travel through their mind.  They just let it out in raw offensive form, especially Betty, whom I’ve mentione in previous blogs

In fact, Christmas Day my grandmother invited the family over for brunch.  I was unable to stay for the entire time because I had to meet my boyfriend for his family Christmas.  Upon saying goodbyes and hugs at my grandmas, she returned hugs, kisses and “i love yous” with an added, “Rachel, I just thought I’d ask, are you on birth control?”

Now mind you, I’m ready to walk out the door with my coat on and bags in my hand.  She thought she’d just sneak that one in real quick.  Like “hey, what did you think of the sermon at church last night?” or “What do you think of this sweater?”  My mouth fell open as I struggled to find a tactful way to answer such a question.  My aunt immediately jumped in to my rescue reassuring my grandmother that I am a mature individual who makes safe, smart decisions.  I assured her that I was raised well and make safe decisions. 

She wasn’t always this raw.  She used to be creative when asking personal questions.  When we were little and used to run off to the bathroom, she’d ask us when we were done if we made a “fishy?”  She was just concerned about our regularity. 

Who’s got time for tact when you’re an octogenarian?  I get it, when you’ve spent a lifetime inside the rules of propriety you just want answers.  She really is just looking out for my best interest, but sometimes she really makes me laugh.  And it’s those magic moments that have me craving old age.  I want to say “hey I’m curious about your personal life, and I don’t care what you think…but you better answer me damnit.”

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  1. spot on sis. spot on!

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