Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Ok, I know I am not a parent, and that me giving parenting advice is neither necessary, or appropriate, but I still have something to say about the children I see on a day-to-day basis. 

I work in a family environment, where kids are sometimes customers.  Many children behave wonderfully, remembering their “please and thank-you’s,” and smile ever so sweetly knowing that if they do so they will be rewarded with a hot chocolate, or sweet treat of some kind.  There are even some parents who when their child begins to act loudly or rudely will discipline the child immediately to teach them that lack of manners, or demanding items will not get them farther in life.  I applaud these parents.  I don’t even mind if you give your kids a spanking while you’re in line to order, because you are teaching them the acceptable way to conduct yourself in a public area. 


Now the kids that come in the store, cutting in front of others to ask for waters, and play with the sugar containers, and demand things without please and thank you’s, I’m done with these kids.  ATTENTION PARENTS: teach your kids manners when they are small, or you will never receive any respect or attention after the age of 5.  Because once they get to school with all the other kids who don’t know about manners, they will learn a whole new bunch of tricks to get what they want, by any means necessary. 

I just saw a young girl exit where I work yelling back at one of my co-workers.  Not in uniform, part of me wanted to follow that girl and give her a whooping myself, but I didn’t see the whole situation so I moved aside from the young screaming little missy, and let her run out of the building.  This is a clear example of a child with no respect for authority.  And one day this lack of respect is going to really come down on her in an adult way, and she will not expect it. 

If you are a parent who is against hitting that is fine, you still need your child to respect you and listen to you, even fear you.  Not that parents need to be tyrants, but they need to sway control when a young child is making a mistake, and steer them back onto the right path.  I was personally raised with guilt.  My parents had a way of talking to me that reminded me that I never wanted to upset them or worse off, disappoint them.  And the tone of my father when he is not happy is one that I never wish to hear again.  My mother’s tone was one that connected deep behind my tear ducts, and could set me into a shame spiral.  I never received a spanking, or was ever grounded; and I am certain that an altercation, or jail visit are not part of my future plans.  If I really want a sweet tattoo with my parents name on it, I’ll just go pay for it instead of earning it during a penitentiary stay. 

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  1. For additional thoughts on discipline on a reals, check this out!

  2. Amen!!!!!

  3. Spanking kids doesn’t give them manners. Children learn manners through years of experience. If they are acting like children, that’s because they are. Sometimes kids are really good and act polite and sometimes they are horrible. I know plenty of adults who act up in public and criticize children for acting bad.

    But I agree, there are a lot of bad kids. It’s because their parents are too busy working to pay attention to their kids. It’s modern day society that demands parents to just let their children run free and raise themselves. Too many mothers have jobs. Perhaps if they got rid of the second car and the giant expensive house and the out to eat meals, they could afford to stay at home and raise their children. But what do I know? My parents didn’t teach me manners, I had to learn them from books.

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