Gratitude Project: Day 1

Well I saw on Facebook, Twitter, or some blog ,100 days of gratitude and I thought, oh that sounds nice. People who do these things are driven and inspiring, and productive.

Then I really thought about doing it, because hell it can’t hurt my daily outlook. And maybe I can use this to hold myself accountable to some daily writing.  I have many doubts when I break down committing to something for this length of time.

I will say that I usually start things like this and quickly give up. Nano Wri No, soccer, juicing, wearing makeup, baking contest, gosh the list could go for days. Oh and lets not forget, writing group, book club, this blog, my fortune cookie idea, multiple restaurant concepts…

I admit, I am expecting to burn out on this too. Maybe I should do 30 days of gratitude. But when I type that number, I feel like how can I cop out on gratitude? I got a ton of sweet things going on. Maybe a little recognition will do me some good.

So boldly I enter into the next 100 days of thankfulness.

#1: I’m grateful for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Pretty sure my parents were too when I popped out. Riding the cta, eating, moving without all of these guys would really be more difficult. You ever just keep one finger out of commission? Tape it down or refuse to use it. It’s definitely noticeable. Iwould have a rough time typing this blog out. Wipe your ass and don’t involve one of em. It’s weird right?

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