Gratitude Project: Day 4

This one is a little late, but here is my day 4 gratitude: my sister.

We tell this story all the time: We have only had two fights in our entire life.  My sister just turned 26 yesterday, so two fights in 26 years is a pretty near perfect record if you ask me.  

We can’t remember the 2nd fight, but we figure there had to be more than one.

Our first fight was over a Bambi VHS.  She wanted to watch Bambi for the umpteenth time and I wanted to do something else.  Knowing she would go to the VCR and rewind and push play again, I ejected the tape and hid it inside my mother’s hamper.

When she discovered the  tape was missing she cried.  In cruel bully fashion, I laughed and was glad that we would not have to witness the sadness of Bambi’s mother getting hunted down…AGAIN!  Her face turned bright red and she came after me in a rage.  This is what I will refer to as the Disney rage.  If you take away that fairytale feel good story, there’s nothing left but pure, unadulterated rage.  Even if you are a 6 year old girl.  I continued to laugh like a little asshole until our mother broke up the fight and the tape was uncovered from it’s hiding spot.

Thinking back on it now, I feel guilty for being so selfish.  But looking back on all the moments we’ve laughed, and supported each other, it gives me a great contrast and warms my heart even more that she is my sister.  She is my teammate.  She is my best friend.  And I kind of have the urge to sit down and watch Bambi with her.

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