Grateful Project: Day 10

Three years ago, I went on a first date with my server. This was the beginning of something I never would have expected.  I never want to be without the love of my life, Cory Lamont Brumfield. So grateful for his love, patience and support. Looking forward to many more years together.

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Grateful Project: Day 9

I know I am behind, but I will continue to forge ahead!
I am SO grateful for technology. To be more specific, I am glad to have seen medical advances change the way I live. I saw a clip today of an artificial pancreas that runs off of a smart phone. Amazing link I was diagnosed with type I diabetes 23 years ago.
When I found out, I needed injections twice a day, and mixing insulins was the latest tech available. Now I have a pump and a continuous glucose monitor available to me, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is. I have hope that I will see a cure for type I diabetes in my lifetime, and just knowing how far R&D has come makes me eager to witness the future!

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Grateful Project: Day 8

This one is something that I never realized I had as an advantage until recently.

I have the gift of slumber.  I sleep hard, and falling asleep is not difficult.  I believe that  I gained this talent from camping in the same camper as my father.  His snoring can rock you off a chair.  Our camping neighbors would complain of the noise, yet my sister and I woke up none the wiser that anything even happened during the night.

The only thing that can prevent me from falling asleep is being cold.  I think this is just my impatience to fall asleep, but my mother helped me overcome this and relax myself at the same time.  All I do is imagine a small fire inside my belly.  Then I imagine the fire spreading slowly to my appendages, watching until they reach the tips of my fingers and toes.  It works I tell you. Once I reach my toes, I’m passed out.

I am grateful that I can sleep in any environment, at any time, at almost any temperature!

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Grateful Project: Day 6

I am grateful for thunderstorms. Can’t replicate the way you slip into slumber when the pitter patter of drops fall down. Plus the smell is so great. It’s one of my favorite sensory experiences!

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Gratitude Project: Day 2

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Without him I wouldnt have a hard work ethic, willingness to help, nor the sharp sarcasm and good timing of jokes. Plus I never would have tried any sports in my youth.

Thanks Dad, and I wish you many more Happy Birthdays. Love you!

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