Grateful Project: Day 8

This one is something that I never realized I had as an advantage until recently.

I have the gift of slumber.  I sleep hard, and falling asleep is not difficult.  I believe that  I gained this talent from camping in the same camper as my father.  His snoring can rock you off a chair.  Our camping neighbors would complain of the noise, yet my sister and I woke up none the wiser that anything even happened during the night.

The only thing that can prevent me from falling asleep is being cold.  I think this is just my impatience to fall asleep, but my mother helped me overcome this and relax myself at the same time.  All I do is imagine a small fire inside my belly.  Then I imagine the fire spreading slowly to my appendages, watching until they reach the tips of my fingers and toes.  It works I tell you. Once I reach my toes, I’m passed out.

I am grateful that I can sleep in any environment, at any time, at almost any temperature!

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